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James Davis

I was born in Sydney, Australia in 1940 and studied at The National Art School and Julian Ashton’s School of Fine Art. The greater part of my twenties was spent living in Northern Europe, principally in Amsterdam and Berlin, where I leaned towards the abstract expressionist movement and primarily in the direction of Willem De Kooning’s figurative, abstract form. In my early thirties, I abandoned painting, intending to return to art after a year or two. This was not to occur for another fifteen years and it was another four more years before I was to exhibit again. My return to art was marked by a commitment to figurative, expressionist art and social comment around Fitzroy and Collingwood. In 1993, I returned to Europe for three years, living and working in Budapest (Hungary), Tabor (Czech Republic) and Antwerp (Belgium), producing a new body of work relating primarily to my Hungarian and Czech experiences. Since returning to Australia, I continue to paint social comment and social conscience art, as well as a new edition of garden paintings presented in a surreal manner. My work is closely linked to United Kingdom artists, Ken Currie and Peter Howson, who both produce work of similar sentiment. James Davis © Qdos Arts 2010. All rights reserved. Copyright of the artworks featured on this site is held by the respective artists